The Mendozaz

Photo by Alex Russel

Conceived as a love-letter to the punk sound of the 90’s, Toronto-based trio The Mendozaz (Jonny, Michael and Dic) have been described as the sound of a Fat Wreck comp smashing violently into a copy of Big Shiny Tunes. Armed with equal parts high-octane fury and more-addictive-than-crack sing-along choruses, they’ve been setting stages ablaze with their live shows since June 2017.

“Two Days To Retirement” and “Up And At Them” were met with critical acclaim, alongside steady airplay on campus radio. Follow-up “Loafers” was released June 7, 2024.

Praise for The Mendozaz

“A high-energy explosion of punk attitude and infectious melodies”
– Jenna Melanson, Canadian Beats (click here for full review)

“An undeniably hooky ode to early-90s pop-punk with just the right mix of emotion and levity”
– Adam White, Some Party (click here for full review)

“A must-listen for anyone looking to relive the golden era of pop-punk with a fresh, modern twist”
– Diego Ortega Moya, Punk Rock Mag (click here for full review)

“Will make you want to party on your skateboard”
– Laurent Chopard, Veglam (click here for full review)

“Be prepared to be tapping the foot, nodding the head and shamelessly grinning from ear to ear. 5/5”
-Mark Cartwright, (click here for full review)

“If you live and die by pop punk, you should definitely have this in your collection”
-Ty Stranglehold, Razorcake (click here for full review)

“Catchy hooks and fast beats, foot on the accelerator and no chance of hitting the brakes.”
-Cody Fitzgerald, Punk Rock Mag (click here for full review)

“The whole album is a surefire winner.”
-Paul Silver, Keep Track Of The Time (click here for full review)

“An energetic pop-punk gem”
Mad Indie Media (click here for full review)

“Definitely give this a spin”
Punk Rock Radar (click here for full review)